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Welcome to the FlexDiet Certification!  Thank you so much for signing up!

This course was created to help you understand the concept of metabolic flexibility mashed up with flexible dieting to provide nutrition information for your clients in a systematic fashion.

Each one of the 8 modules covers a specific intervention from dietary protein, to carbs, fat, sleep, etc.

Each module has 3 parts:

Part 1: The Big Picture

What is the overarching theory and how it expands week to week.  At the start of each Big Picture is a short review of the previous module.  Note: this is the only one that has a short review in it each time.

Part 2: Theory

I condensed down the theory of the specific intervention into a 1 hour lecture based format.  This is exactly what you need to know so you have a good understanding of it.

Part 3:  5 Action Items

This is the practical portion and I break down the exact 5 action items for that intervention to use with your clients.   No need to guess what to do.  I spell them all out for you.

Bonus: Expert Interviews

I sit down and chat with various experts who are in the Ivory towers doing research on the intervention and/ or in the field putting them into practice.  This gives you a deep dive into sub intervention topic areas.

These 3 topics (Big Picture, Theory and 5 Action Items) are presented in a lecture/ slideshow format.

At the end of each module, you will complete a quiz that covers the component discussed that week.

You must receive a at least a 90% on each quiz.

If you have any questions or there is any issue with site working, please contact my Education Coordinator,  Jodie at

Thank you and enjoy the course!